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Home Health Social Worker

Caring for a patient at home is an overwhelming experience. It can be challenging to provide care, from managing daily activities to navigating the healthcare system.


A home health social worker provides the resources you need to take care of your patient. They provide emotional support and help seek financial support for home-bound children, adults, older adults, and families.


Monef Health Services, Inc explains what home health social work entails.


What is a Health Social Worker?

Health social workers have a bachelor's or master's degree in social work. In addition, some have specialized training in healthcare matters. Before practicing, they are licensed by relevant authorities.


Home health social workers operate in many healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and community health centers. Additionally, they may work in long-term care facilities and in the patient's residence.

What Does a Health Social Worker do?

Social workers provide emotional support to families facing healthcare-related distress. They also ensure that patients access the resources needed to manage their health. Health social workers can refer patients to the following:

  • Rehabilitation services

  • Support groups

  • Long-term care facilities

  • Legal Resources

  • End-of-life care facilities

Besides supporting patients, health social workers guide advocacy activities. They support fair access to quality healthcare, resources, and support systems.

In-Home Care Social Services

Home health social work is provided at home. The service helps patients maintain their independence and comfort while receiving care. In addition, patients and caregivers get the following extras with in-home care social services.

  • Health and Wellness Education: As health educators, home social workers educate patients and caregivers on managing chronic health conditions and how to effectively handle medication regimens and maintain a healthy living environment.

  • Counseling: Social workers provide a supportive environment for patients to express their challenges. In return, the patients receive guidance in coping with the challenges. The direction alleviates the emotional distress associated with home care.

  • Planning for Long-term Care: Home health social workers play a critical role in planning long-term care. First, they assess the patient's needs and the resources available. Afterward, they develop a care plan that fits the patient's healthcare needs.

  • Financial Help: Health social workers help patients access financial aid programs in many ways. For example, they help patients understand government aid programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Moreover, the social workers help patients weigh their eligibility and apply for help.

  • Referrals to Important Resources: Through their work with patients, social workers can identify the patient's challenges and provide referrals to appropriate resources to help them overcome these obstacles. For instance, a social worker may refer a patient to a rehabilitation facility, which can be difficult for some patients to locate independently.

What to Expect From Home Health Social Work

The home health social work process begins with an initial evaluation where a social worker appraises the patient's state, the extent of their support network, and living conditions. This assessment provides a comprehensive understanding of the patient's requirements and typically takes about an hour to complete.


After the assessment, the health social workers will help the patient:

Cope with health issues. The health social worker patients cope with their health issues in many ways. They provide emotional support and educate the patient to manage symptoms.

  • Reduced over-dependence. A social worker develops a care plan to help patients reduce over-dependence. They suggest adaptive equipment or home modifications that can improve the patient's mobility.

  • Accessing resources. Health social workers know many resources a patient needs to sail through recovery. The social workers can also point the patient to the right service providers.

  • Staying out of the hospital. The social worker can also provide counseling to improve emotional well-being. They ensure that patients receive proper follow-up care to avoid readmission.

  • Long-term care planning. Social workers create a care plan that considers the patient's treatment goals. The plan gives peace of mind by ensuring patients understand what they need.

Eligibility Requirements

Who is eligible for home health social work? There are two eligibility needs for patients who need health social work.


  • The first is that the patient needs a doctor's order requesting ongoing nursing care. The order can also request continuous occupational or physical therapy.

  • The second is that the patient should have a diagnosed condition that limits mobility. The condition could be a physical disability or a mobility limitation. This rule ensures that only the most deserving patients get home health services.

Home Health Social Workers in Miami, Dade County

Home health social work has immense benefits. It provides the support needed to cope with chronic illness and disability. Furthermore, health social work helps patients access financial aid and better healthcare.


Monef Health Services, Inc is the leading home health social work provider in Miami, Dade County. We offer high-quality services that meet state and federal regulations. Contact us today and learn how our health social workers can help.

Image Credit to Shutterstock user Butsaya

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