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In-Home Pediatric Care

Caring for a child with a chronic illness can be challenging since you need time for regular medical appointments. Worse, some appointments last several hours, making them inconvenient if you are on a tight schedule.

Fortunately, you can overcome these challenges with home care pediatrics. Monef Health Services, Inc. explains how this healthcare service works. Read on to discover the advantages of in-home care and what to expect from the care service.

What is Pediatric In-Home Health Care?

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In this service, a qualified pediatrician comes to your home to treat an ill child. Most often, this service is available to children who need ongoing treatment. In particular, in-home pediatric care services are helpful for children living with chronic conditions.


Home pediatric care is comparable to what you would receive in a doctor's office. Like in a hospital, the service is provided by qualified clinicians, so your young loved one will receive first-class care at home.

Commonly Treated Conditions With Pediatric Home Health Care

Doctors recommend home care pediatrics for kids with chronic diseases. The healthcare service is also critical for children with developmental problems. Some diseases you'd want to manage with pediatric home care are:

  • Cardiac disease

  • Childhood cancer

  • Severe injuries

  • Prematurity complications

  • Neurodegenerative conditions

  • Respiratory issues

  • Genetic disorders

What to Expect From Pediatric Home Health Care

Before considering home care, a doctor must recommend it for your ailing child. Once the doctor gives a referral, home-based pediatric nurses will take charge. At first, they will examine your child and create an individualized treatment plan.


After that, the home care pediatric nurses will visit to provide the care your child needs. During the visits, the clinicians will provide services such as medications. The frequency of visits depends on your child's condition.

Types of Pediatric Home Health Care

There are different types of pediatric home health care. Each type addresses a specific health challenge. For example, in-home nursing care, sick children receive services like pain management. Other types of home care pediatrics include:

  • Pediatric occupational therapy. Pediatric occupational therapy is comparable to regular occupational therapy. It improves your child's deteriorated physical, cognitive, and social skills. Pediatricians recommend it for children with developmental delays.

  • Pediatric oncology. The pediatric oncology service is for children with cancer. Pediatric oncologists provide chemotherapy, palliative care, and nutritional support in this care service.

  • Pediatric physical therapy. Pediatric physical therapy has one mission - to restore physical function in children. Doctors recommend it for children with developmental disorders and those recovering from surgery.

  • Pediatric infusion. Pediatric infusion entails IV infusions of fluids, medications, and nutrients. The pediatric service is suitable for children with chronic diseases such as cancer. It is also ideal for kids at high risk for dehydration or malnutrition.

Pediatric medical supplies. Children receiving pediatric care at home need special equipment like wheelchairs. Some medical experts provide these devices and train caregivers to use them.

Improved Comfort and Recovery Time With Specialized Treatment Plans

The home care pediatrics service has many advantages. For one, your child will receive medical attention at home, surrounded by loved ones. Thus, the child in care will not experience the nervousness associated with hospitals.


Besides the comfort, home pediatric nursing boosts recovery. Home health nurses use personalized plans to treat the child's condition. These customized treatment plans are likely to shorten the recovery time.

In-Home Pediatric Care in Miami-Dade County

Monef Health Services, Inc. is your trusted provider of in-home medical services in Miami-Dade County. Their team of compassionate nurses, therapists, and attendants possesses the expertise and understanding needed to provide exceptional care for home-bound children. With a focus on personalized healthcare and adherence to state and federal regulations, MONEF ensures that your child receives the highest quality of care. 

Take the first step towards providing your child with the specialized attention they deserve, and contact MONEF today. Experience peace of mind knowing that your child's health and well-being are in capable hands.

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