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In Home Skilled Nursing in Miami, FL

In-home nursing care is a suitable option for someone with a chronic illness and other challenges, such as old age. However, home care requires professional caregivers to ensure high-quality, one-on-one medical care at home. 

Monef Health Services, Inc provides exceptional nursing care services to meet the medical needs of different clients. MONEF offers in-home nursing services for older people in Miami, Florida, with the trust, reliability, and responsiveness you are looking for in a home care provider. 

In-Home Skilled Nursing Services

The familiarity of a home environment can make a great difference in the comfort and recovery of the elderly and home patients. The in-home skilled nursing services we offer include:

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Medication Management 

Traveling to a doctor or medical appointments for certain procedures, such as injections or infusions, is sometimes challenging, especially for patients with advanced age or chronic illnesses. With in-home skilled nursing services, this challenge does not have to worry you anymore. Our licensed practical nurses offer medication administration in the comfort of your home, relieving you of any worry and traveling challenges. 


Our medication administration services entail the following: 

  • Medication administration and setup 

  • Diabetes management 

  • Administration of intravenous fluids 

Care Management 

MONEF registered nurses uphold professional and effective care management and continuous patient care. Our experienced nurses perform medical evaluations and monitor patients' vital signs while reporting directly to healthcare professionals.  


We offer a variety of care management services, such as: 

  • Enteral feeding assistance 

  • Skill evaluations 

  • Geriatric assessments 

  • Nursing case management 

  • Hospice care 

  • Oxygen therapy 

  • Hospice care 

  • Monitoring vital signs and reporting to healthcare providers

Other Nursing Services

Obtaining professional, one-on-one medical care at home, a place you are familiar with and feel comfortable with, has numerous advantages. We collaborate with your loved ones to create highly personalized home care plans. This personalized plan allows your loved ones to continue living with you comfortably as they receive all the care you need.  


Kindly allow our specialized team to help you with all your medical needs. In addition, we assist you with in-home skilled nursing services such as: 

  • Colostomy care 

  • Bowel program 

  • Oral suctioning and oxygen therapy 

  • Tube feeding and enteral nutrition 

  • Basic wound care and dressing changes 

  • Catheter insertion and maintenance

Who is Eligible?

So, who is eligible for in-home skilled nursing and home care services? If you have hospital insurance or medical insurance coverage, you qualify for home healthcare services such as: 

  1. Part-time or occasional home health aide care (this is offered if you are also receiving other skilled services such as nursing or therapy) 

  2. Women's injectable osteoporosis medications 

  3. Long-lasting medical equipment 

  4. Medical supplies for home use 

  5. Medical social services 

  6. Physical therapy 

  7. Rehabilitation therapy 

  8. Occupational therapy (OT) 

  9. Services for speech-language pathology 


However, Medicare does not cater for 24-hour care in the comfort of your home, delivering meals to your doorsteps and homemaker services unrelated to your care plans, like cleaning and shopping. It also does not pay for personal or custodial care services such as using the restroom, bathing, and dressing. 


Eligibility for in-home nursing services at home also requires that you have the following:  

  • You must be under a professional doctor's care and receive medical services under a care plan made and regularly reviewed by a doctor.  

  • Your condition must necessitate in-home nursing, and a doctor must certify that you require continuous skilled nursing care, not blood withdrawal.  

  • You are eligible for skilled nursing at home if your doctor can certify that you need ongoing occupational therapy, physical therapy, or speech therapy. Note that these services are only covered if they are effective, specific, and safe for treating your health condition. 

  • You also qualify for in-home skilled nursing if the required services' period, frequency, and quantity are flexible. Complex services may require only specialized therapists to ensure efficiency and safety.  

  • If it is projected that your condition will improve with the help of a skilled nurse to take care of you in a predicted time frame, for you to qualify for in-home skilled nursing 

  • If you are homebound, and a doctor approves, you are indeed homebound. 

You are ineligible for in-home skilled nursing if you require more than part-time or occasional professional nursing care.

In-Home Skilled Nursing Care Services in Miami Dade County

In-home skilled nursing care is convenient and allows continuous medical care at home. However, you need professional and certified nurses for in-home care to be efficient. Monef Health Services, Inc works with dedicated attendants, therapists, and nurses to ensure that all our clients receive outstanding home care services. Call (305) 999-0520 or complete our contact form below to schedule an appointment.

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