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Private In Home Physical Therapy

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Do you have an injury causing chronic pain resulting in loss of functional mobility? Physical therapy is an effective non-surgical, non-medicinal solution to restore your functionality and reduce pain. Physical therapy can be provided in different settings, namely hospitals for those hospitalized, outpatient physical therapy clinics for those requiring sports therapy, and homes for people who have difficulty leaving the house hence the name in-home physical therapy.

Are you looking for in-home physical therapy in Miami? Monef Health Services, Inc. is a privately owned agency offering various high-quality services, including home physical therapy. We have dedicated therapists who truly understand clients' health concerns and ensure they give quality in-home physical therapy care that complies with state and federal regulations. This article provides intuitive details on in-home physical therapy, its benefits, and the place to get physical therapy services in Miami Dade County.

What Is Home-Care Physical Therapy?

In-home physical therapy occurs when a physical therapist comes to your home to provide rehabilitation services that help you overcome your pain, increase your range of motion and improve function. This service is reserved for patients or clients unable to leave the house to attend physical therapy for various reasons, such as:

  • Having the desire to enjoy a private physical therapy session in the comfort of your home

  • When you have an acute or severe condition that presents a health risk when you leave your home

  • Lack of adequate access to transportation to get to your physical therapist

  • When you have limited mobility, making traveling for your physical therapy a challenge 


People who benefit greatly from home physical therapy have various conditions such as stroke, post-surgical conditions, trauma like fractures, cardiovascular conditions like heart attacks, and Parkinson's disease. 


In most cases, physical therapy services are covered by insurance at MONEF. However, certain rules apply for home-care physical therapy to be covered by insurance. Therefore, consult with your insurance provider first to avoid later inconveniences.

Is In-Home Physical Therapy Effective?

Most people often wonder whether in-home physical therapy is effective may be due to the belief that there must be expensive, heavy equipment and exercise tools to engage in an effective physical therapy session. This belief is misleading, considering physical therapists are trained to utilize all the available resources to enhance your rehabilitation experience. 


They also create a home exercise program, which, when incorporated into your treatment plan routine, improves your condition and gives you more control over an injury or illness. Physical therapists also bring light equipment to your home to ensure you get the most out of the therapy session.

How Do You Get In-Home Physical Therapy?

Suppose you are struggling with a physical issue hindering your ability to move normally or have problems that make it a burden for you to travel to receive care. In that case, you qualify for in-home physical therapy. Generally, most patients who receive home care physical therapy are referred to the service by their physician. Your physician refers you by writing a medical necessity report indicating that your need for home physical therapy services is medically indispensable. 


You may also contact your local physical therapy association or clinic for information on accessing in-home physical therapy services.

What If I Do Not Qualify?

In the US, insurance companies cover various physical therapy services. However, there are cases when they might deny covering in-home physical therapy for some patients. Denial usually happens when the insurance company determines that a patient's condition does not demonstrate significant barriers for them to leave the house or when you fail to prove that leaving the house might present a serious health risk. Some of the most common cases when an insurance company denies covering home-care physical therapy is when patients want it for their convenience and comfort.  


If you do not qualify or your request for in-home physical therapy services is denied, there are other ways to explore to get your physical therapy services. These alternatives include:

  • Hiring a private home-care physical therapist to offer you the services in your home

  • Appealing to your insurance company. With this option, consider contacting your healthcare provider to explain your situation, as they might help you with the appeal process.

  • Consider visiting your physical therapist at your local outpatient clinic. Your therapist can provide you with some home physical exercises to do to limit the trips to the clinic. 

In-Home Physical Therapy Services in Miami Dade County

If you are looking for in-home physical therapy for yourself or your loved one in Miami-Dade County, Monef Health Services, Inc is the place to go. Consider some of our in-home health services. It helps you get back on your feet and live your best life. Contact us for more information on the in-home physical therapy services near you.

Image Source: JP WALLET / Shutterstock

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